Arrowwood Prairie Co-op is dedicated to all your fertilizer needs. With custom application of any blend that your customers request or a blend that a soil test recommends. We also deliver fertilizer to your farm any time you want. Call for spring fertilizer prices.


Arrowwood Prairie Co-op sells Croplan Genetics, corn, wheat, soybeans, sunflowers, alfalfa, canola, and forages. We also sell some varieties of Novartis seeds. This is for you the producer to take advantage of bigger volume discounts. Call for prices on early order discounts.

Custom Application

We have the equipment and staff for all your needs. At Arrowwood Prairie Co-op, we take pride in our work and reputation of our custom application. Our equipment consists of:

  • 4 dry fertilizer tender trucks.
  • 2 bean tender trucks

Crop Protection

Arrowwood Prairie Co-op offers a complete line of pesticides, from all major chemical manufacturers. We also offer custom application of liquid and dry chemicals, with an added bonus, we give free recommendations and crop scouting with purchase of chemicals and custom application.


Products Handled
  • Seed: Corn, Soybean, Wheat Sunflowers, Canola, Alfalfa, Forages, Cover Crops
  • Dry and Liquid Fertilizer
  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Chemical
Services Provided
  • Custom Fertilizer Spreading - Variable Rate Capable
  • Top Dressing Dry Fertilizer - Variable Rate Capable
  • Custom Anhydrous Ammonia Application - Variable Rate Capable
  • Custom Spraying
  • Free Seed Delivery
  • Crop Scouting - Free with Chemical Purchase
  • Financing OAC
  • Hydraulic Hose Machine
  • Banjo Fittings
  • Free Chemical Delivery
  • Variable Rate Mapping
  • Soil Testing
  • Tissue Testing
  • Feed Sampling
  • Custom Seed Treating
  • In-Season Imagining


  • Wimbledon
    Dave Carlson

    Agronomy Manager

    Email: dave(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 320-4716

    Royce Carlson

    Agronomist R7 Specialist

    Email: royce(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 490-2828

    Dan Quigley

    Agronomy Department

    Jeff Schlenker

    Agronomy Department

    Brad Anderson

    Agronomy Department

    Sherrie Hook

    Agronomy Bookkeeper

    Email: sherrie(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com

  • Sutton
    Daren Eli

    Agronomy Location Manager

    Email: deli(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 797-7303

    Chad Farnquist

    Agronomy Department

    Valerie Eli

    Agronomy Bookkeeper

    Email: valerie(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 797-7219

  • Carrington
    Brandon Wall


    Email: brandon(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com

    Eric Marcotte

    Agronomy Sales

    Email: eric(at)famersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 652-5917

    Quentin Simon, Jr.

    Agronomy Department

    Michael Seaburg

    Agronomy Department

    Heidi Liebig

    Agronomy Bookkeeper

    Email: heidi(at)farmersunionoil(dot)com
    Phone: (701) 652-2913